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Capture Sunrise and Sunset Lempuyang Temple

Witnessing sunrise or sunset is indeed worthy to be done on the highland. As well as Lempuyang Temple Sunrise or Sunset, it is one of the best spot to capturing that nature phenomenon on the sky.

Even less, this temple is well-known for its stunning split-gate. Surely you can combine both as point to take an images.

Gate of Heaven Lempuyang
Gate of Heaven Lempuyang

For getting it, you must visit on sunny day in order to seem clearly at the top and should come before several hours before it starts.

Lempuyang Temple Climb
Lempuyang Temple Climb

Watch a sunrise or sunset on the sky of Lempuyang Temple is truly special. Because from here, you may also see a lovely backdrop of Agung Mount (the highest mount in Bali). A plus value that you can get when visiting this temple.

Like on other mountain, fresh atmosphere will also be obvious around temple area.

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