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Layout of Lempuyang Temple

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Lempuyang Temple Architecture is divided into three areas, namely: Jaba Pisan or Nistaning Mandala (outer sanctum), Jaba Tengah or Madya Mandala (middle sanctum), and Jeroan or Utamaning Mandala (inner main sanctum).

  • The entrance to Jaba pisan (outer sanctum) is marked by the white-painted candi bentar (split gate). Some The Bale (Balinese pavilions) are also here, including rectangular Bale Gong (where the gamelan is stored) and also Bale Kulkul.
  • The entrance to Jaba Tengah (middle sanctum) is marked by three white-painted portals. The door on the left is used to enter, while the entrance to the right is used to exit. Central doors are usually closed and only opened during the religious ceremonies such anniversary ceremony (piodalan). The central portal is where sacred objects, heirlooms, and offerings can pass during the ceremony. The three stairs leading to the portal are flanked by statues of Dragons and Puppets Figures.
  • Jeroan (inner main sanctum) is the most sacred area of the temple. The Area of Lempuyang Temple features several The Meru and Pelinggih (like a multi-storey tower), each of which is dedicated to the God. Some Padmasana Temple in the form of empty stone thrones, each dedicated to the Gods of Trimurti.
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