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Attractiveness of Lempuyang Temple

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Lempuyang Temple Bali on this plateau has special charm for many tourists. This temple consists of seven temples with unique architectural designs and high artistic value.

To go to the main temple each tourist must climb the stairs first as many as 1700 pieces.

There are quite a number of steps that must be climbed, but during the trip to the top, tourists will be presented with views around and the chirping of birds that are free to roam.

The travellers are prohibited from disturbing the flora and fauna that live in the surrounding environment.

It is strongly recommended to ride it in the morning because with the air that is still much fresher in the morning it will have a positive impact on the body.

In addition, this temple also has many interesting spots to pose, one of which is in the gate or tourists often call it as Gate to Heaven Bali.

This gate has a height of about four meters and is a favourite spot for visitors.

With its background, the view of Agung Mountain is right in the middle of the gate. That is truly amazing.

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