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Reach the Gate of Heaven in Lempuyang Temple

Gate of Heaven Lempuyang - As seeing a few photos display a stunning split-gate with style of Hindu Balinese architecture that is posted on Social Media, surely make many people curious to visit it.

Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection
Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection

For those of you who are wondering where it is, this split-gate take place on a temple in East Bali exactly at Lempuyang Temple, Abang District, Karangasem Regency. It’s far enough from the crowd of South Bali. And will take time about 2.5 hours if you depart from Denpasar City.

The best way to find is by renting a private transport with a driver to accompany you. Caused, it will be really tiring if drive alone. Besides that, you are also required a few minutes to drive up a winding mountain road to reach parking area.

Lempuyang Temple Stairs
Lempuyang Temple Stairs

When arriving in temple area, several great split-gate can have been seen. It was decorated by Balinese Sculpture Ornaments and completed with stairs that is flanked by dragon figures statues in each side.

It seems represents the boundary between the outer world and the outer realm of the temple. And there is also a huge courtyard inside and Several Balinese Traditional Pavilions inside.

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