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Prohibitions When Visiting

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  • Prohibitions When Visiting
  • Prohibitions When Visiting
  • Prohibitions When Visiting
  • Prohibitions When Visiting
  • Prohibitions When Visiting

There are some Lempuyang Temple Rules and prohibitions that should not be violated when going up to Lempuyang Luhur Temple and if they are violated they will have a bad impact.

The prohibition is as follows:

  • Thoughts, words, and deeds must be purified
  • You can't say rude when visiting
  • Women who are menstruating or breastfeeding and children who have not dated milk teeth should not first enter the temple area
  • You can't bring gold jewelry, because often if you bring gold jewelry it will disappear mysteriously
  • You may not bring food or eat pork when you go to Lempuyang Temple.
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I am really very sorry to tell you that my wife and I were disappointed while visiting the temple and were chocked from the Commercial atmosphere and the behaviour from the commercial temple Monks maybe your employees My wife and i were reading much about the Gate of Heaven and that is why we decided to make the trip to this so-called magical place. Unfortunately, once arriving to the main yard we were forced to hear the scream of someone saying jump continuously while photographing people. Once entering to the yard visitors are delegated (Through artificial temple monks) to take a que number for a photo secession through the main door. Other visitor who do not want to take part on this silly action were not able to enjoy this spiritual place without the loud voice of the Instagram photo maniac who were queuing the visitors continuously the whole day. Is there no one who can control this misuse of this holy place?

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