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4 Balinese Pavilions in Lempuyang Temple Bali

Hear the name of Lempuyang Temple Bali, surely you will imagine a majestic split-gate which offer Balinese Architecture and a wondrous scenery of Agung Mount in behind.

Lempuyang Temple Stairs
Lempuyang Temple Stairs

However, in case you pay more attention, the attraction of Lempuyang Temples is actually more than that. Like others temples in Bali, you will also find Balinese Pavilions inside huge yard of temple area. Those Holy Balinese Pavilions are:

  • Padmasana, a holy pavilions that place in the north and faces to south. It is a palace (Parhyangan) of Bhatara Luhuring Akasa.
  • Two Pavilions that shaped like a Padmasana which the foundation of both be one. This pavilions is at the east side and faces to the west. At the right side (north) is the Parhyangan of Hyang Gnijaya and left side (south) is the Parhyangan of his sons.
  • Bale Pawedhan or Phyasan, a pavilion as the place to put the Balinese Religious Offerings and also as Pawedhan (place to worship).
  • Bale Gedong Pasimpenan, it is often used as the place to keep the ceremony tools and facilities.
Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali
Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali

That is few holy pavilions at Lempuyang Temple area. How? Are you interested to visit? If yes! Always remember behaving politely during coming in.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise or Sunset

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