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Magnificent Gate Architecture in Lempuyang Temple

Not only Besakih Temple which has the temple building with Majestic Balinese Architecture. So as Lempuyang Temple Architecture in the eastern of Bali Island, which also offers a fantastic architecture of Balinese Building inside.

Lempuyang Temple Tour
Lempuyang Temple Tour

This temple is one of Sad Khayangan Temples or six main temples in Bali and located at Abang District, Karangasem Regency. No wonder! This temple was built by distinctive and unique architecture.

It showcases an incredible charm at the top of Bisbis Hill. When entering in first entrance to Madya Mandala (in the middle area of the temple), you will be welcomed by great split-gate.

From that area, you can witness a beautiful scenery of Agung Mount. Hence, seen many visitor who are taking a photo in there. The existence of split-gate and mount scenery is perfect combination to get an impressive pictures

Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection
Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection

In addition, there are also three others more amazing split-gate in Madya Mandala to Utamaning Mandala of Lempuyang Temple. Whole of those split-gate is white and completed by ornaments of Balinese Traditional Sculpture. Not only that, several statues of Pandawa (in Mahabharata Story) and dragon statue also participate to decorate the stairs of split-gate.

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