Lempuyang Temple Sunrise

Magnificent Gate Architecture in Lempuyang Temple

Not only Besakih Temple which has the temple building with Majestic Balinese Architecture. So as Lempuyang Temple Architecture in the eastern of ..

Capture Sunrise and Sunset Lempuyang Temple

Witnessing sunrise or sunset is indeed worthy to be done on the highland. As well as Lempuyang Temple Sunrise or Sunset, it is one of the best spot to..

Lempuyang Temple Bali with Gate to Heaven

Most of you who have ever been a vacation in Bali surely often hear Lempuyang Temple Bali. This temple is a holy temple which be categorized as one of..

Perfect Combination at the sky of Lempuyang Temple

Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple, one of main temple in Bali Island which be located at the top of Bisbis Hill in the eastern of island. This temple i..

Water Reflection in Lempuyang Temple

For those for you who like travelling surely ever find an image on Social Media that display the Balinese Split Gate with Water Reflection in below it..

Get a Sunrise Blessing in Lempuyang Temple

In case you think that wonderful sunrise of Bali Island just exist on Sanur beach. It’s indeed true but there is still also the spot to catch th..