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Lempuyang Temple Bali with Gate to Heaven

Most of you who have ever been a vacation in Bali surely often hear Lempuyang Temple Bali. This temple is a holy temple which be categorized as one of Sad Khayangan Temples or six main temple in Bali. Reputedly, it is on par of Besakih Temple.

Lempuyang Temple is on a highland of East Bali exactly at Bisbis Hill. For those who like the trekking activity are appropriate to visit it. Caused, the visitors are required to climb for reaching the main temple point on the peak of hill.

Lempuyang Temple Tour
Lempuyang Temple Tour

Along the track surely will offer the beautiful nature in the tropical point. Aside from that, you may also meet with its inhabitants, that is the monkey. Hence, not be recommended to bring excess goods during climbing because the monkeys are sometimes very ignorant.

At the top, you will find a holy temple with great white split-gate which stand and be an entrance to main temple area. It’s really marvelous and decorated by Balinese Typical ornaments and sculptures.

Lempuyang Temple Gate
Lempuyang Temple Gate

Looked away from this point, then you will find the wonderful scenery of Agung Mount. Not only that! If come in right time, a sunrise or sunset will appear in the sky of Lempuyang Temple. It all is a fantastic combination. No wonder, it’s often called as a gate to heaven.

Don’t remember to capture it all, when you are having Lempuyang Temple Tour!

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