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Lempuyang Gates of Heaven Bali - Things to Know Before Going

Lempuyang Gates of Heaven Bali is one of popular tourist spots nowadays in East Bali. If you have visited Besakih Temple, then Lempuyang Temple is next recommendation to you.

As Besakih Temple, Lempuyang Temple is categorized into part of Sad Khayangan Jagat – six main temples in Bali. Hence, many Balinese Hindus who come the temple to worship.

Lempuyang Gates of Heaven Bali

Lempuyang Temple Sarong
Lempuyang Temple Sarong

Nickname “the Gate of the Heaven” refers to traditional split gates at the temple. The gates stand as an entrance that connects between outer area and main area of the temple.

Each gate has a stairway where the prayer may walk up to main area of the temple. There are dragon statues that flanks at the sides. From the temple area, you also see beauty of Mount Agung.

Lempuyang’s split gate and view of Mount Agung is a perfect combination for photography background. The visitors are willing to stand in long to take photo during the day. There are some staffs that help the visitors to take a photo.

What to Wear When Visiting

lempuyang madya temple
Lempuyang Madya Temple

When entering into temples in Bali, you should obey all the rules and prohibitions as one of them is to wear kamen and senteng.

Kamen is a traditional fabric that wraps from waist to ankle, while senteng is a shawl that ties around the waist. Both items are mandatory. You can rent them cost IDR 15.000 at ticket window when not bring.

Besides that, you should dress modestly as covering up the shoulder. Avoid to be reckless or say rude when entering temple area.

Entrance fee of Lempuyang Temple is free, just charged parking fee. The visitors may donate voluntary if they want to help for maintenance of the temple.

Maybe you are interested to visit the gate of heaven. You may book Lempuyang Temple Tour with one of travel agents in Bali.

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