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5 Things You Must Know About Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour

Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour is one of the most popular trip nowadays for tourists in Bali. It’s because many peoples get curious to see the Gate of the Heaven at Lempuyang Temple.

The gate of the heaven is so famous after some visitors who take a photo and post it on social media sites, namely: Instagram and Facebook.

The images display the majesty of traditional split gates with Balinese Architecture. Each gate has a stairway with unique statues at the sides.

The statues have a shape of Dragon (Balinese Mythological Creature) and Pandawa (5 protagonists in Mahabharata Story). So, it’s so great for a photography spot.

Bali Lempuyang Temple Tour

Perhaps you plan to take Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour. The following are some interesting things you need to know about it.

  1. The Great Temple on Hill of East Bali

Lempuyang Temple on Bisbis Hill
Lempuyang Temple on Bisbis Hill

Lempuyang Temple is located on Bisbis Hill exactly in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency (East Bali).

Its location is approximately 65 kilometers northeast from Ubud, which it approximately takes 2 hours and 3 minutes to drive. For more detail, you check it on the following map.

  1. Layout of Lempuyang Madya Temple

Lempuyang Gates with Dragon Statues
Lempuyang Gates with Dragon Statues

As other temples in Bali, Lempuyang Temple also consists of 3 areas (Tri Mandala). Three areas are Nista Mandala (Outer Part), Madya Mandala (Middle Part), and Utama Mandala (Main Part).

  • Nista Mandala

At the Nista Mandala (Jaba Pisan), there is a white split gate at the entrance of some Balinese pavilions (Bale).

The pavilions consist of a Bale Gong (a place to store for gamelan instrument) and a Bale Kulkul (traditional wooden bell).

  • Madya Mandala

At the Madya Mandala (Jaba Tengah), there is only a rectangular-shaped big pavilion that has some poles (Saka), and without walls around sides.

  • Utama Mandala

At the Utama Mandala (Jeroan), there are some Pelinggih Meru (holy buildings with multi-storey roof), which all are a dedication to the manifestations of God.

  1. Every Visitor Must Wear Balinese Dress Code

Impressive Gate at Lempuyang temple
Impressive Gate at Lempuyang temple

When entering the temple, every visitor must wear a sarong and a shawl as a dress code.

The sarong is a Balinese cloth that wraps from waist to ankle, while the shawl ties around your waist (outside the sarong).

If the visitors don’t bring, both item can be rented at ticket window. That cost at cheap price (about IDR 15.000).

  1. The Gates of The Heaven Bali

Split Gate at Lempuyang Temple
Split Gate at Lempuyang Temple

The temple has 4 popular gates for photography backgrounds. One gate stands at the entrance point between Nista Mandala to Madya Mandala.

While, others threes line up to side at each entrance between Madya Mandala to Utama Mandala.

All gates were built in white-colored Balinese architecture. Each of them has a stairway flanked by traditional statues in the form of Dragon (the mythological creature) and also Pandawa (five protagonist in Mahabharata Story).

  1. Climbing Up the Stairs to Get Gate Area of The Temple

Water Reflection Photo at Lempuyang Temple
Water Reflection Photo at Lempuyang Temple

For getting the gates above, the visitors must walk to follow footpath and climb up the stairs, which it start from ticket window.

Along the route, you may see stunning natural view of green small forest which overgrown by many wild trees and plants.

On arrival at Madya Mandala (middle part), every visitor will be sprinkled a splash of Tirta (the holy water) which symbolize self-purification.

2 Recommended Spots to Visit Near Lempuyang Temple

For those of you who want a long trip and a visit to other spots near Lempuyang Temple. The following are two recommendations of good spots for you.

  1. Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga Water Palace 1
Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is an amazing spot that located in Ababi Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency.  The location is exactly surrounded by rice fields and plantations.

The spot is popular for its heritage garden by Karangasem Building. The garden is so wide (about 1.2 acres) where there are beautiful pools and unique statues.

Existence of the pools always become a main attraction of Tirta Gangga Water Palace because they are inhabited by beautiful fishes and also decorated by authentic statues with shower.

At the pools, you can take a walk to follow footsteps in the pools and also feed the beautiful fishes there.

  1. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Unique Tukad Cepung Waterfall in Bali 1
Unique Tukad Cepung Waterfall in Bali

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of unique waterfall that located at Nusa Penida Kelod Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency.

The waterfall has a height of 15 meter although sounds not too high but it’s different because hiding in cliff that surrounds, as like cave without a roof.

Particularly in the afternoon, you can see amazing phenomenon which show off yellowish sunshine come from the top and light up to reflect around the water and cliff.

Many people often wait for this moment to get impressive photos in the phenomenon background.

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