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Water Reflection Photo Trick at Lempuyang Temple (Bali)

Recently, some of travellers are surprised by impressive images on social media “Instagram”, which the images display the gates of Lempuyang Temple with water reflection that add into landscape.

That’s a reason why many travellers want to visit and get an opportunity to take images at the gates.

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Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection
Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection - Source: instagram/diana

However, some of them felt disappointed after visiting. Caused, there is no object of water reflection such as lake or pond at the temple.

It’s actually just a Lempuyang Temple Photo Trick which uses a small mirror under lens to make water reflection effects by staff.

Nevertheless, do not allow this fact to discourage you from visiting. Because, there are still amazing things that exist to impress your eyes here, as one of them is the gate of the heaven.

The Gate of The Heaven

Sunset Scenery in Lempuyang Temple
Sunset Scenery in Lempuyang Temple - Source: GetYourGuide

Lempuyang Temple is one of Sad Khayangan Jagat (Six Main Temples) at the eastern of the island. No wonder, the temple was built greatly as you can look at split gates that stand at the temple areas.

The gates are entrances or connectin among 3 parts of the temple area, namely: Nista Mandala (outer part), Madya Mandala (middle part), and Utama Mandala (Main Part).

Lempuyang Temple Bali
Lempuyang Temple Bali

One gate is located at entrance from Nista Mandala to Madya Mandala. Three others is at entrance from Madya Mandala to Utama Mandala.

All gates were built in white-traditional architecture each stair at middle. The stair is flanked by unique statues in the form of Dragon (Balinese Mythological Creature).

Split Gates at Lempuyang Temple
Split Gates at Lempuyang Temple

On the sides of Three Gate at Madya Mandala to Utama Mandala, there are also statues in the form of figures of Pandawa (five brothers) and Krishna in Mahabharata Story.

All statues seem like adding into more impressive background of the gates which is good to an Instagramable photography spot.

The Stunning Nature View

Lempuyang Temple on Bisbis Hill
Lempuyang Temple on Bisbis Hill

Besides above, you can also see the stunning nature view as lush green natures which look surrounding the temple area on the hill.

One thing that you should know before visiting, make sure your physical is in good condition because every visitor must do a short climbing to get the point of gate from locker ticket.

It will get through a steep staircase of more than 1.700 steps. During the climbing, you can enjoy the surrounding cool forest and see hordes of grey long-tailed macaques.

Meanwhile, you can also see beautiful scenery of Agung Mount (the highest in Bali) on main temple area. It looks clearly in the west direction really impress eyes from distance.

Tips When Visiting

Agung Mount View From Lempuyang Temple
Agung Mount View From Lempuyang Temple - Source: mirror.co.uk

Perhaps you want to visit Lempuyang Temple for photography purpose. It’s recommended to arrive before 10.00 am for avoiding in long line.

Meanwhile, make you know about some prohibitions before entering the temple. Have a fun tour!

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