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The Climb to Heaven of Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple Climb | A climb to heaven, it sounds imaginary! But in Bali Island, it is possible to be got as visiting Lempuyang Temple. It is one of six main temples in east Bali (Abang District, Karangasem Regency) that said offers a magnificent split gate or called Candi Bentar by Balinese People.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali

So amazing the visitors often call it as the gate to heaven. But to be able to see its splendor, required to have a climbing trip in the hidden tropical area of Lempuyang Hill. Its track is categorized easy but tiring enough.

Caused you will also face with a long track of stairs (amount to about 1.700). In there, you meet up with the animal which inhabit the area such as wild monkeys. You shouldn’t bring many items specially the jewelries. You may bring the nuts or bananas for them.

In that area, also offer the rural typical atmosphere. There are a lots of green high trees that seem on beside of the ways that is passed.

lempuyang temple hike

After arrived in main temple area exactly on peak of the hill. The splendor of split-gate can be seen from the distance. It’s so amazing with Balinese Traditional Architecture. Even less, you can witness the view of Agung Mount from the sky of Lempuyang Temple.

No wonder, it’s frequently called the gate to heaven.

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