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Wearing Sarong When Entering the Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple Sarong - Visit the temples or other holy areas in Bali Island, surely required to wear a sarong (called Kamen by Balinese People). It’s a cloth to cover from thigh to below your knee.

As visiting Lempuyang Temple, a popular older temple in Bali which be located in Abang District, Karangasem Regency. You will be required to wear a sarong before entering.

In case you have arrived but haven’t brought that important item. You can rent a sarong (approximately IDR 10.000) in entrance area.

Wearing it will not makes you look weird, generally those sarong have various kind of motifs and colors. You can choose which one is suitable. It will give a Balinese Characteristic on your appearance.

Even less you have a plan to take a photo in Gate to Heaven of Lempuyang Temple. And surely be combined with Agung Mount’s Backdrop in the behind. It’s really so marvelous with by the existence of Sarong.

Wearing sarong will also make you more interesting and indicate that you are in temple in Bali.

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