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Hike the Peak of Lempuyang Temple Hill

Lempuyang Temple Hike - a nature view on the hill is really surprising. As on Lempuyang Temple, you will get some glory nature sceneries. No wonder, the tourist always choose this temple as their destination when visiting Bali Island.

This temple is located on the Highland of East Bali that names Bisbis Hill. For those who travelling in Bali Island, don’t forget to visit it before leaving.

It’s really suitable for hiking lovers, caused it requires the visitor to hike for reaching the main temple area. The track to the top is very pleasant caused you will pass the hidden nature spot. But also must face by the long stairs track.

Furthermore before starting, make sure you have filled energy enough so that reach successfully. Along the hiking, various kind of tropical plants will shade your body. It’s cool with fresh atmosphere which be far from the crowd.

In there, you will also meet up several the wild monkeys. Remember to bring a few fruits or nuts, they really like it.

Then, you will face by the stairs which amount to about 1.700. It’s indeed tiring enough but keep spirit because in the peak, there is a distinctive and amazing view you will get.

The view on the top is a great split-gate with Balinese Traditional Architecture. Many people call it as the gate to heaven because of so amazing. From this points, also be seen the vista of Agung Mount.

Even less, if you come in the right time (in the morning or the dusk), wonderful sunrise or sunset also will seem from this Lempuyang Sacred Temple Bali.