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Lempuyang Sacred Temple Bali - Pujawali Day and Religious Ceremony

Every temple in Bali has own Pujawali Day (anniversary day). At Lempuyang Sacred Temple Bali, it falls every 210 days exactly on Wraspati Umanis, Wuku Dungulan.

Based on Calender, one day after galungan means one day after Galungan Day. Local peoples usually celebrate Pujawali Ceremony at Lempuyang Sacred Temple Bali for 4 days.

Pujawali at Lempuyang Sacred Temple Bali

Trekking to Main Area of Lempuyang Temple
Trekking to Main Area of Lempuyang Temple

Several days before Pujawali, local peoples usually start to prepare means of ceremony. Various of holy attributes also decorate holy buildings and statues in temple area.

The temple is also close for tourists. Only the priest who may visit during Pujawali. Many Hindu peoples around Bali come with the aim of praying. Most of them will bring Banten in woven bamboo box.

Banten is a traditional offerings made from various woven of coconut leaves and decorated with colourful flowers and cuts of Pandan leaf. It all is expression of Balinese People’s gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (God).

Local Peoples Holds Religious Ceremonies

Lempuyang Gates with Dragon Statues
Lempuyang Gates with Dragon Statues

During several days of Pujawali, local peoples also hold religious ceremonies which is led by priests. Performance of traditional instrument and dances also support the religious ritual.

Fragrant of incense sticks are smelt around temples. They are a part of ceremony means. The peoples also present Canang (traditional offerings) in some holy buildings.

After Pujawali days finish, the temple will be opened again for the tourists.

If you want to visit Lempuyang Temple, you should visit early morning. Many visitors start to visit above 09.00. It will make you stand in line take a photo.

When visiting, don’t forget to wear a traditional fabric (kamen) and a shawl (senteng). You can rent both of them at ticket window if don’t bring. The rental fee is only IDR 15.000

Besides that, you should also dress modestly (cover up shoulder) as dress code when entering Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple.

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