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Etiquette and Dress Code when visiting Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple is a holy temple destination in East Bali. When having a plan to visit this temple in Bali surely you probably ever get a question regarding, Lempuyang Temple What to Wear?

Lempuyang Temple Stairs

In case you are looking for its answer, the following is Etiquette and Dress Code when visiting the temple!

  • Do wear a sarong and scarf

    Sarong and scarf is main dress code before entering the temple area. But, if you have no or forget to bring. Don’t be worry! Caused it can be rented in near of parking area or first entrance in the temple area.
  • Cover Your Upper Body

    Because it’s a holy area, definitely you should wear modest clothing and a top that as minimum covers your shoulder.
  • Don’t enter temple if you are in your period

    It means as the women are menstruating or had just given birth shouldn’t to enter the temple area. Local people believe, this is a time where women are having a matter of spiritual cleanliness.
Lempuyang Temple Sarong

That is several Etiquette and Dress Code when visiting all temples in Bali Island. Therefore, make sure you obey it all when coming! And please be respectful of the local culture!

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