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Holy Buildings in Lempuyang Madya Temple

Talking about the Lempuyang Temple probably will be endless. How not! This temple is one of big and old temple in Bali Island on a par of Besakih Temple. No wonder, many tourist who come to Bali Island certainly enter this temple in their itinerary list.

This amazing temple is located at Bisbis Hill, Abang District, Karangasem Regency (in the eastern of Bali Island). And well-known has a stupendous split-gate in Lempuyang Madya Temple which be called Gate to Heaven by the visitors.

Like a Besakih Temple, in the complex of Lempuyang Temple also has a few temples. But which main temple is on the peak of Bisbis Hill. So when you come in, get ready to climbing up. The trip to the peak is guaranteed will not boring, caused you will find many kind of beautiful nature scene.

Besides offer a stupendous split-gate, in Lempuyang Madya Temple (main area) also has wondrous holy buildings.

Those holy building are Padmasana, Menjangan Saluang, Catu, Padma Kembar Gedong Sari, Gegitaan, Betel, and a few Balinese holy pavilions such as Bale Pewedangan and Gedong Miyasa.

All of holy buildings apply a marvelous and ancient Balinese typical architecture. Surely, each buildings have each own meaning and function especially on religious ceremonies.

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