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Knowing Dress Code When Visiting Lempuyang Temple

Every visitor who visits to Lempuyang Temple will be required to wear dress codes, which consist of a sarong and a scarf.

Dress Code When Entering Temple

Dress Code When Visiting the Temple - Photo by @chu_you_lin

The sarong is a cloth wrapped around the waist to the ankles, while the scarf ties at the waist.

Both are required to wear by men and women and means as a symbol for self-binding of bad behavior and lust.

The dress code must not only wear when visiting Lempuyang Temple but also others temples namely: Besakih Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot, and so on.

Where to Get?

a visitor at Lempuyang Temple - Photo by @jordan_studd

A sarong and a scarf actually may be rented at each entrance of temples, whether buy them in art market or online shop.

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a woman with Balinese traditional clothes - Photo by @another_bali_love_story

Kinds of Balinese Traditional Clothes are:

  • Udeng, a Balinese headband and is only worn for the men
  • Kebaya, a traditonal blouse-dress and is only worn for the women.
  • Bros, a decoration that attached on the dress.
  • Scarf, also known as “shawl”.
  • Sarong, also known as “kamen” cloth that wrapped around the waist to the ankles.
  • Saput, another cloth who wrapped outside of sarong only for the men.

For more detail, you could click QLOORA to visit and see various kinds of Balinese Traditional Clothes.

Meanwhile, all above may be used as a souvenir when you leave the island. Thanks for visiting!