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Clothes that Must Be Worn When Visiting Lempuyang Temple

Most of those you maybe have the question about when wanting to visit Lempuyang Temple What to Wear? Before getting a right answer. You should know that Lempuyang Temple is one of older and holy place in Bali Island. This temple is often used as the place to worship by the Hindus around Bali Island or even from outside province.

It is really amazing and well-known for its majestic Balinese architecture. In the main temple part, you will see the surprising Balinese typical split-gate (called candi bentar) which often be applied as the photography spot. The visitor frequently called it as a gate to heaven.

Besides that, you can also witness assorted the nature views start from sunrise, sunset, and even Agung Mount Scenery.

Although it’s more popular tourist object in Bali Island but the unique part of Lempuyang Madya Temple is you will not be charged an entrance fee or no set price. However, you just will be asked to donate how much you wish.

For entering to the temple area, all of the visitors are required to wear a cloth or called Kamen or sarong. It is a code that indicate you are worthy to enter this holy area.

In case have no it, you can rent in there by the cheap cost about 10K per cloth. In addition, this Kamen is very beautiful and colorful with Balinese Traditional Motif.