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When is the Best Time to Go to Lempuyang Temple?

Lempuyang Temple is officially opened from 07.00 – 17.00 for tourists and 24 hours for visitors who will worship.

Before visiting it, you should know about Best Time to Go to Lempuyang Temple as follows.

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The Best Time to Visit

Morning Time at Lempuyang Temple

The recommended time to visit is early morning (before 09.00) or late afternoon (after 15.00).

In early morning, you can get cooler and fresher atmosphere at the temple area on the hill which is surrounded by green nature.

Trek from the ticket locker to the main area is really fun as you must walk along stairs and footpaths while enjoying the fresher morning situation and see many impressive green trees and plants.

Sunset Moment at Lempuyang Temple

The late afternoon is an alternative time if you are busy to visit in the early morning. The time offers a shady atmosphere and a picturesque sunset.

It’s a right time to get amazing photography moments as you can combine split gates and sunset views for more amazing photos.

The Times That Must been Avoided

Trekking to Main Area of Lempuyang Temple

The times that you must avoid to visit Lempuyang Temple is from 10.00 to 14.00 because of hotter atmosphere particularly it will be felt when trekking from the ticket locker to the main area.

Best Time to Go to Lempuyang Temple

Besides that, the visitors are usually more crowded in the time, which it will require you to wait in a long line for taking photos.

So, you shouldn’t choose the wrong time to visit Lempuyang Temple!