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Balinese Stupendous Architectures in Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Luhur, an older temple with a large area in the eastern of Bali Island. Although this temple is located quite far from the crowd in southern of Bali but recently it’s popular enough by the traveler who come to Bali Island.

This temple is well-known for its Amazing Lempuyang Temple Architecture of Candi Bentar or often called Gate to Heaven by the visitors, caused it has the wonderful nature view around it. No wonder it’s often been as the photography spot by visitors.  

Its split-gate is on main temple exactly between Utama mandala and madya mandala. In there, you may find the big split-gate (candi bentar) which every those have each the entrance stairs with the pair of dragon figures statue.

Those dragon figures name Anantaboga and Basuki (the mythological creature as earth's base rules and guard). Not only that, a few the statues of puppet figures in Mahabrata Story also exist in there.

The statues from bottom are Sahadewa, Nakula, Arjuna, Bima, Yudistira, and the top one namely Krisna (the incarnation of Wisnu Lord).

The laying of each those statues isn’t at random but base on local people’s trust and have own philosophies.

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