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Lempuyang Hill Temple and Spectacular View of Agung Mount

Lempuyang Hill Temple is located at end of East Bali, exactly on Bisbis Hill. It has own attraction which always make many people to visit.

You should take a tour to Lempuyang Temple before leaving Bali Island. Join tour with tour agents if you want to visit there.

The trip take approximately 2.5 hours to drive from South Bali. It is a reason why you should hire tour agent service than you drive self.

Lempuyang Hill Temple

Lempuyang Temple Hike

As said above, Lempuyang Hill Temple stands on Bisbis Hill with green nature surrounds. It lies at 1.175 meters above sea level. For getting the peak, you must climb up to 1.700 stairs from parking area.

The climb to the peak is exciting because you will pass through several remotes villages and small forest. Green nature view may impress your eyes during the climb.

In addition, you can also see wild long-tailed monkeys in the small forest. The monkeys usually sit back on the stairs and hang on the trees.

Avoid to bring snacks and wear jewelries during the climb because it can attract attention of the monkeys to snatch from your hold.

Spectacular View of Mount Agung

Agung Mount View From Lempuyang Temple

At the main temple, you can see background of Agung Mount at the northwest sky. It looks spectacular when the day is sunny.

The visitors often make use view of Agung Mount as a background when taking photo.If you happen to visit early morning or late afternoon, you can probably see stunning sceneries of sunrise or sunset.

One thing you must remember when visiting is by wearing a traditional fabric (kamen) and a shawl. Both of the items can be rented at ticket window if don’t bring.

For more amazing experience, you should visit Lempuyang Temple in morning earlier. The temple starts to be crowded by visitors above 10.00 am. So, you must stand in line to take a photo.