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What You Should Know Before Entering into Temple Area in Bali

Most of Balinese peoples are Hindus who usually do praying in the temples. This is one reason why there are many temples that were built in the island.

Almost every village has more than one temple which generally consists of Dalem Temple, Puseh Temple, and Desa Temple.

All the temples are considered sacred by the Hindus. Every visitor is even required to wear decent dress code when entering the temple.

Indonesian Version: Aturan Pakaian Adat Ke Pura, Wajib Diketahui Saat Berlibur Ke Bali

The Hindus Pray in The Balinese Temple
Balinese Hindus People

The men and women have different dress code. The dress code for men is more complete than the women, which it consists of Udeng (headwear), a Shawl, a Sarong (Balinese Cloth), and also a Saput (cloth outside sarong).

Meanwhile, the dress code for the women only consists of a Kebaya (Traditional blues), a Shawl, and a Sarong.

Local People in Tenganan Village Bali

Some of the Balinese Clothes are traditional fabrics that called as Tenun Bali. They are made by local craftsman.

The process of making Tenun Bali is still manual by using wood tools which is controlled by hand. One of place where you can see the process is Tenganan Village, Karangasem Regency.