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Water Reflection in Lempuyang Temple

For those for you who like travelling surely ever find an image on Social Media that display the Balinese Split Gate with Water Reflection in below it.

This wonderful split-gate is located in one of older temple in the eastern of Bali Island that names Lempuyang Temple. Look at beautiful photo surely will make you want to visit it.

When you are visiting this temple don’t expect that you will find a lake or the pool like in the image. Caused Lempuyang Temple Water Reflection which you see in there, just a nifty photography hack using a mirror under the camera from the photographer (one of the worker at the temple).

Know it, don’t hesitate to visit this temple. Caused this temple offers amazing attractions which maybe can’t be found in other places.

Those attraction are a surprising split-gate with Balinese Typical Architecture which has height about 4 meters. Even less, it’s decorated by the traditional sculptures. It’s awesome as the spot to take a photo.

Not only that, you also can find the vista of Agung Mount clearly from that gate area. And don’t also forget with sunrise and sunset views as visiting Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali on right time.