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Tourist Facilities in Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple Facilities - Do you plan to have a Religious Tour in Bali Island? Maybe you shouldn’t forget to enter Lempuyang Temple into your tour list. Caused this tourist object is popular enough recently.

This temple which be located on the peak of Bisbis Hill (karangasem regency) keep various kind of surprising views which will be ready to spoil your sight. One of the most wanted vista in this temple is the splendour of Candi Bentar (split-gate).

Because this temple is well-known as holy place and tourist objects. Hence, local community provides some adequate facilities for the visitors. Those facilities are:

  • Parking Area
    Every the tourist objects surely provide the parking area. In order to the visitor don’t park the transport carelessly. For its fee, you are just charged IDR 5.000 when visiting.
  • Food Stalls
    In case you feel hungry or thirsty but don’t carry packed meal during visiting this place. Don’t be worry, caused in the complex around the temple area. You can find many the food stalls easily.
  • Public Toilet
    Besides that, in tourist object area also provided public toilet. Because toilet is a small place which very important for human.
  • Place to Worship
    Lempuyang area is a holy temple definitely has the place to worship (temple) for the Hindus. Therefore, please respect this place and don’t be carelessly when you are visiting.

That is a few the facilities which exist in Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali. Actually, there are maybe still that we haven’t mentioned.