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Tipping Tour Guide in Bali: Ethics and How Much to Tip

When on vacation in Bali, you probably ever ask about tipping tour guide in Bali. Here, we will give you tipping information in detail about how much it and what ethics in giving a tip.

Tipping Tour Guide in Bali

How Much To Tip Tour Guide in Bali?

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How much to tip tour guide in Bali? In tipping tour guide in Bali, there isn’t an exact count but it normally ranges from 15% - 20% of total cost.

The tipping is a form of gratitude. Hence, you can determine it based on quality of service (knowledge and hospitality of the tour guide). If the service is highly satisfying, you may give more than the range.

3 Ethics in Giving A Tip for Tour Guide

How Much To Tip Tour Guide in Bali

Before giving a tip, you should know ethics as below.

  1. Give To The Right Person

Giving a tip is indeed a good intention but make sure you give it to right person. You may know whether a guide is right or not by paying attention to quality of their service. Pay attention how they serve you during the tour. It will also ease you to determine how much you will give.

  1. Prepare Some Small Change

Before giving a tip, make sure you prepare some small change. You can change large moneys to small fraction. Because, it’s unethical to provide large money for tip then you ask some change.

  1. Hand Over a Tip Politely

The best time to give a tip is after tour finished as you will part ways with the tour guide. Hand over a tip politely while saying thank you.

May I Can’t Give A Tip?

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May I can’t give a tip? It’s okay as long as you don’t bother. Avoid unnecessary service if you don’t want to tip.

Example: When you carry a lot of stuff to the car, the guide probably give you a helping hand. You may refuse it politely and say thank you.

Tipping guide above don’t only applies to tour guide but also guide of ATV Bali or rafting.