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No Boring! 5 Exhilarating Things to Do On Nyepi Day

Nyepi Day is New Year’s Day in Balinese Caka Calendar, which usually commemorated every March. On the day, Bali people will stay all day at home, fast, and not work daily routine activities as other usual days.

No one who is allowed to stay out, except the Pecalang - local securities who stand guard in every village to ensure no one stay out. If someone violate, they will be penalized as village rules.

For those of you who are on vacation in Bali on Nyepi Day, the following are some exhilarating things to do during the day while trapped in the hotel.

  1. Enjoy Fresh And Calm Atmosphere

    Fresh and Calm Atmosphere in Bali

Although you can’t stay out the hotel but your day will be amazing with fresh and calm atmosphere you may feel throughout the day. A thing you will not get in others days.

It’s a good time to relax your mind and relieve stress of boring daily routines.

  1. Practice Yoga

    Practice Yoga in Bali

No noise will ease you to practice yoga in the hotel. Some yoga classes may be still opened in some hotels. You can ask it to the hotel staff when booking the room.

If no class is open, you can save some tutorials and practice yoga on your own. Just need to look for a comfortable place and start to practice.

  1. Read Books

    Child Reading A Book

Vacation on Nyepi Day, you shouldn’t forget to bring some books. Reading a book will effectively repel boredom because of trapped in the hotel.

You are expected to prepare some books to bring during the holiday in Bali. We highly recommend some books you haven’t ever read before.

  1. Relax in Hotel’s Pool

    Relax Pool During Silence Day Bali

Most of hotels on Nyepi Day are quieter of visitors than on usual days. It can be seen on hotel’s pool area which is also quieter.

Relax in hotel’s pool on Nyepi Day, maybe it is felt like a private pool where you swim freely because there are fewer visitors.

  1. Stargaze

    Stargazing on Bali Sky During Nyepi

Before getting sleep, you can stargaze from hotel’s balcony. Stars can be clearly seen in the sky because there aren’t the distracting lamp light.

You shouldn’t forget to bring a DSLR Camera with special astrophotography lens for capturing the beautiful sky moment.

Okay, those are 5 exhilarating things to do on Nyepi Day. So, don’t think that getting trapped in the hotel is a boring thing.