Things that Must be Prepared before Hiking the Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple Tour - Lempuyang Temple is a holy place which located on the hill. For you who want to get an amazing spot to take an image. This temple is very recommended for you caused it’s said has a fantastic split-gate (often called as the Gate to heaven) in the main part of the temple.

Because this place is located on the Bisbis Hill (Abang District, Karangasem Regency). Therefore, you need to climb on the hill for witnessing the splendor of its gate.

The following Things that Must be Prepared before Hiking the Lempuyang Temple

  • Wear the warm and proper clothes

    First, you surely need to prepare a few equipment such as clothing. Lempuyang Temple is on the highland definitely it offers cold air, a jacket will help to warm your body. Aside from that, you must remember to always wear the proper clothes because this temple is holy place.
  • Camera

    This isn’t probably a required item but it’s really important so that all of your moments in Lempuyang Temple just disappear. Even less, this temple has the best photo spot exactly at its gate with various kind of nature views.
  • Spirit and energy

    Climb on the peak of Lempuyang Temple. It’ll take time about an hour (maybe more). Approximately 1.700 stairs must be also passed. Hence, make you have saved your energy enough before. And surely also with extraordinary spirit.
  • Read about the Prohibitions of Lempuyang Temple

    This temple is considered as holy area surely there are a few the prohibitions which you should not be violated. Those prohibitions can be seen in this link.

That all is Things that Must be Prepared before Hiking the Lempuyang Temple. In case you are interested, should visit this temple in the morning or afternoon.

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Lempuyang Temple