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Lempuyang Temple Gate – What You Need to Know

In recent years, Lempuyang Temple Gate is so popular for the tourists in Bali Island. Many peoples come to take a photo at the Gate of the Heaven in Lempuyang Temple.

The gate of the heaven get viral after many peoples post their photos on Instagram. In the photos display the Unique Balinese Gate with impressive mountain backdrop behind it.

Lempuyang Gate of Heaven

Gate of Heaven in Bali

For those of you want a great spot for photography in Bali, Lempuyang Temple Gate is one of the recommended spots you must visit. It’s located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency.

Lempuyang Temple has iconic gates with Balinese traditional architecture like Bali Handara Gate. Each gate stands 4 meters at entrance of temple parts.

At the front of the gates, there is a stairway with unique statues that has a form of Pandawa (five protagonists in Mahabharata) and Krishna (avatar of Lord Vishnu).

Lempuyang Temples Dress Code

Lempuyang Temple bali

Before entering the temple, visitors are required to wear a sarong (a traditional fabric to wrap from waist to ankle) and a shawl. If you don’t bring it, you may rent both items at the ticket window near parking area.

For getting gate spot from parking area, you must climb up stairs. It is so fun because you will see stunning view of green nature surrounded the temple area.

Besides that, you can also see beauty of Agung Mount from Lempuyang Temple. The visitors often combine between mountain background and the gates when taking a photo.

If you come with the aim of taking a photo, you should visit early morning when the temple is still less visitors.

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The temple is quite crowded at noon so you will probably stand in line to take a photo at the gates. Or, you can also visit late afternoon as alternative time besides early morning.