The Gate to Heaven in Lempuyang Temple

The gate to heaven! that’s how people who name it. A popular spot in one of the old temple in Bali Island, Lempuyang Temple. The many travelers who have ever visited to there, upload the images of this gate on Social Media. For Instagram User surely ever see the images of Lempuyang Temple Gate.

For those of you who are planning to travel in Bali Island. Lempuyang Temple Should be entered in your itinerary lists. Caused in this temple, you can get many interesting things. It is located is located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency exactly at Bisbis Hill.

The thing you must know before that arrive in the temple isn’t meaning you have seen the gate but you must climb the hills and passing the stairs about 1.700 steps.

Although it sounds pretty tiring but your trip will be accompanied by the beauty of wondrous nature. Along the track, your sight will be shaded by the expanse of green trees surely offer you a cool atmosphere.

Besides that, the melodious chirping of the birds also certainly spoil your hearing. The right time to visiting is in the morning, you will find all of those beauty.

After arriving on the peak, your eyes will be welcomed by the stairways which is flanked by the Dragon Figure Statues and surely also the Gate which has height about 4-meters It’s really prefect to be spot to take a photo. Even less, the appearance of Agung Mount with the blue sky is ready to be background in the behind. It is an amazing combination to take a photos.

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Lempuyang Temple