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Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali: Spritual Tour at Gate of Heaven

Want to take a spiritual tour? Lempuyang Luhur Temple in Bali is one of holy places that you should visit. It’s located on Bisbis Hill, Tista Village, Karangasem Regency.

Lempuyang Temple was found since 11th Century by Mpu Kuturan. However, it’s still unknown in detail about who is built it.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali

Lempuyang Temple Hike

Bali Island has six main temples (Sad Khayangan Jagat). Lempuyang Temple is one part of them besides Besakih, Goa Lawah, Uluwatu, Batukaru, and Pusering Jagat.

Hence, no wonder the temple is always crowded by the Hindu peoples. Local peoples usually holds Pujawali (anniversary day) at Lempuyang Temple every 210 days.

Base on Caka Calender, Pujawali falls on Wraspati Umanis, Wuku Dungulan. In other words, it means one day after Galungan Day.

Some days before Pujawali Day, local people will usually decorates the temple building with holy attributes. Many Hindus people around Bali usually also comes to worship during Pujawali Day.

Lempuyang Temple Hike

Lempuyang Temple Stairs

As said above, Lempuyang Temple stands on the hill. For getting the peak, the visitors must climb up 1.700 stairs and get through green forest.

In the climb, you may see the wild monkeys which inhabit in the forest. Sometimes, a few of the monkeys are mischievous so you should always be careful.

In addition, you will also see several small temples during the climb. All small temples are related to existence of Lempuyang Temple. Some peoples usually stop over there to worship before continuing the climb.

If you want to get amazing experience of climbing, you can start to hike early morning to get cooler atmosphere during the climb. Its situation is also quieter than climb at noon.

You shouldn’t bring too many items when climbing because it only make you tired faster. Just bring mandatory items such as: mineral water and camera.