Spiritual Ascend in Lempuyang Temple Bali

Trekking on Lempuyang Temple Bali is now increasingly in demand by the tourist who are travelling in Bali Island. If trekking to a peak of mount maybe you will get the view of sunset or sunrise.

It’s different in case you climb to the peak of Lempuyang Temple. Caused, you will get more attractive things. That trekking is very exciting and challenging and you should try when visiting Bali Island. Besides that, you also will find “Gate to Heaven” or an awesome to take photo. 

However before it, make sure your body is in good health caused it will drain your energy enough.

In the morning exactly before sunrise is the right time to have a trek to there. That time will give a special atmosphere to you.

The trekking is usually started from the parking area of the temple. In there, you will take to do a light climb, uphill on a paved road. On the way, “Ayu Temple” is a big temple in Bisbis Hill which will be found first. From the courtyard of this Ayu temple you can see the splendor of Mount Agung (the highest mountain in Bali).

Next, you will find “Telaga Mas Temple”. Here, you must face by the thousand stairs. But it isn’t boring at all, caused your trip will be accompanied by various kind of nature views of valley, hill, mountain, and also even the stretch of beach from a height.

After finishing the stairs then arriv at Pasar Agung Temple, a temple in the form of Padmasana. You can take a break in this temple area for a while. From this temple, the peak of Lempuyang Temple Gate seems closer.

Lempuyang Temple