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Opening Hours and Entrance Fee at Lempuyang Luhur Temple

Lempuyang Temple Opening Hours - For you who are vacationing in Bali! Have you visited to Lempuyang Temple?

Lempuyang Temples is great temple in Bali which be said to be equal to Besakih Temple. This magnificence temple is located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency exactly on the slope of Bisbis Hill.

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Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali

Gate of Heaven Lempuyang

Recently, this Lempuyang Temple is very popular for traveler who want to have a religious tour. It is really historical and may be seen on ancient architecture of its building.

Gate of heaven is the most wanted in Lempuyang temple, a Balinese typical split gate that be decorated by traditional sculpture and statue. It looks amazing for photography spot.

In addition, the Hindus People often visit this temple for worshiping Sang Hyang Widhi (God) in manifestation as Sang Hyang Iswara.

Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

Lempuyang Temple Entrance Fee

The temple is opened every day at 7.00 – 17.00. Meanwhile, nothing an entrance fee for visitor but you only will be charged a parking fee and maybe voluntary donations.

As other temples in Bali, Lempuyang Temples is also often held Piodalan or Anniversary Ceremony every 6 months exactly falls on Wraspati Umanis, Wuku Dungulan or one day after Galungan Day.

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