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Lempuyang Temple Rules: 5 Prohibition When Visiting

Lempuyang Temple is a holy area for Hindu Peoples. Hence, you should know some Lempuyang Temple Rules before visiting it. Every visitor is expected to obey all the rules as for manners when visiting.

Lempuyang Temple Rules

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali

The following are some Lempuyang Temple Rules that you know and obey during visiting Lempuyang Temple.

  1. Dressing Modestly

    Lempuyang Temple Dress Code - Photo by @jordan_studd

When entering all temples in Bali, you should obey a dress code as wearing a sarong and a shawl. Also, you dress modestly by wearing clothes that may cover up the shoulder.

  1. Avoid to Say Rude

    Impressive Gate at Lempuyang temple

At Lempuyang Temple, you will see many peoples who visit to worship. Saying rude may make other peoples feel offended and loss of focus when worshiping.

  1. Avoid to Disturb Spiritual Ceremonies

    Pura Penataran Lempuyang Luhur Temple

When you visit at holy days, you will see local peoples do a spiritual ceremony. Don’t disturb procession of the ceremony. If you want to take a photo, use a zoom feature in order not to disturb.

  1. Avoid to Enter into Temple During Cuntaka Period

    Lempuyang Temple Bali

Cuntaka or sebel is an impure period physically and spiritually based on believe of Hindu peoples. During this period, Balinese peoples will not enter holy places.

Some causes why a person may become in the Cuntaka Period:

  • Death of family member (end after12 days).
  • Menstruation (end after period).
  • Give birth a baby (end after 42 days).

Period of Cuntaka don’t last forever, each cause has a different a certain time. Some of causes may be relieved by a sprinkling of holy water (Tirta) and holding a spiritual ceremonies.

  1. Avoid to Wear Gold Jewelries

    Dress Code When Visiting the Temple - Photo by @chu_you_lin

When you shouldn’t wear many gold jewelries because some visitors ever loss it mysteriously. You should take off your gold jewelries before entering into the temple.

Well, above are rules and prohibition to obey when you visit and enter into Lempuyang Temple. Have a nice visit.