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Knowing About Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation

Besides panoramic mountain view, Kintamani still has another attraction to tourist, namely coffee. When visiting Kintamani, you probably will see many places which provides Kopi Bali (Bali coffee).

Some of the places will give you a new experience of drinking a cup of coffee with impressive view of Batur Mount. For those of you who want to know about Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation in detail. Let’s find out below.

Characteristic of Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation

Characteristic of Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation

Bali Kintamani Coffee is categorized into Arabica Coffee. It has a distinctive taste than other coffee, like a fresh sour taste as an orange (citrusy).

Many peoples wonder why the taste of Kintamani Coffee (Kopi Bali) is like an orange. It’s caused the local farmers grow orange trees close to their coffee plantation.

Its distinctive taste make the coffee very recommended to try. You can visit one of coffee shops in Kintamani and enjoy a cup of coffee while witnessing view of Batur Mountain.

Coffee Producing Areas in Bali besides Kintamani

Coffee Producing Areas in Bali besides Kintamani

Coffee producing area in Bali isn’t only Kintamani but also there are Pupuan Village and Banyuatis Village.

Pupuan Village is located in Tabanan Regency. Species of coffee in the village is Robusta and local farmers still apply traditional techniques to process coffee.

Meanwhile, Banyuatis is located Buleleng Regency. Species of coffee produced is the same as in Pupuan Village, namely robusta. The local farmer have applied mix between traditional techniques and modern.