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Lempuyang Temple Day Trip – Bali Gates of Heaven Tour

Want to have a memorable tour experience in Bali? Here, we will recommend a day trip to you, Lempuyang Temple Day Trip. In the day trip, you will visit Lempuyang Temple – popular tourist spot for the gate of heaven.

Lempuyang Temple Day Trip

Perhaps you are interested to visit Lempuyang Temple. Let’s find out attractiveness of Lempuyang Temple below.

  1. Ancient Hindu Temple in Bali

    Lempuyang Gate with Mount Agung Backdrop

Lempuyang Temple is an ancient temple in Bali Island, which was founded by Mpu Kuturan (a priest from Java Island) around 11th Century. It is categorized as one of Sad Khayangan Jagat (the six main temples in the island) which others fives are Besakih Temple, Goa Lawah Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple, and Pusering Jagat Temple.

These Sad Khayangan Jagat Temples are always crowded by the Hindus peoples who want to worship the manifestation of the God particularly on holy days. They usually bring some kinds of Balinese offerings (often called “Banten”) and also flowers as a means of worship.

Before entering the temple, the visitors will be required to wear a sarong (Balinese tradition fabric that wrap from waist to ankle) and also a shawl that ties around waist (outside sarong). Both items symbolize that a person is ready to enter into the holy temple.

  1. The Gate of The Heaven

    A Visitor Poses at Split Gate of Lempuyang Temple

The gate of the heaven is the most wanted attraction by the tourist in the temple. It is some split gates connect from one area to others in the temple.

One gate stands at entrance between Nista Mandala (outer area) to Madya Mandala (middle area), and other three at entrances between Madya Mandala to Utama Mandala (Main Area).

Each gate has a stair as a path to enter which it is also flanked by unique statues in form of Naga (Dragon in Balinese Mythology) and Five Pandawa (figures in Mahabharata Story).

These gates often use as photography background by the visitors, and are usually combined with the landscape of Agung Mount which face directly to the temple for more amazing shot.