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How to Reach Lempuyang Temple from Ubud

For reaching Lempuyang Temple from Ubud. How far is it? It will maybe take time about 2 h 3 min (64.8 km) via Jl. Semarapura-Karangasem from Ubud Center.

Lempuyang Temple is located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency exactly on the peak of Bisbis Hill (Bali East).

Lempuyang Temple from Ubud

You may reach the temple by two-wheels or four-wheels transport kind. The routes is pretty good.

However, if you haven’t been able to drive the car. We will really recommend for you hire private taxi service to reach.

Lempuyang Temple from Ubud

Transport service can be found easily in Ubud Center. Whether, you may rent Bali Tour Transport for half day.

And you should also remember to bring “Sarong” (Balinese Traditional Cloth), the visitor is required to cover their legs when entering the holy temple area.

Lempuyang Temple from Ubud

If have no Sarong, you can rent it near the entrance. The price is only IDR 15.000 (about USD 1).

Okay, it’s how to reach Lempuyang Temple from Ubud. Interest to visit? Whether look for other fun tour in Bali?

Maybe Bali Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is suitable to visit, if you have ever come to Lempuyang Temple.

Have a fun and memorable Bali Trip!