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How to Get Wonderful Sunrise in Lempuyang Temple Tour

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour – Most of you maybe have heard “the gate of heaven in Bali”. It is the most wanted place by tourist in Bali, after the images was spread on social media.

The images display a great split gate with Balinese Architecture and there is a combination of beautiful sunrise view behind. It resembles as fairyland.

For you who are wondering about “where is the location of gate to heaven?”. It is located at Lempuyang Temple, Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency.

Perhaps you want to find the sunrise there. We will tell you about a few tips how to get wonderful sunrise in Lempuyang Temple.

1. Go early in the morning

For getting a wonderful sunrise, you surely come earlier in the morning. At least 6 O’clock, you should arrived at the temple.

2. Avoid to come in rainy season

Make sure you come in sunny day and avoid rainy season. Caused if you come in rainy or cloudy day, the sunshine will seem hiding behind the clouds.

Those are a few tips you must know when want to get Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour. So, when do you want to go?

Map of Lempuyang Temple

Besides Lempuyang Temple, best place to find a wonderful sunrise is Bali Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This is probably a next place you should visit after Bali Gate to Heaven Tour.

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