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How to Get to Lempuyang Temple from Capella Ubud

For those of you who are staying at Capella Ubud and having a plan to visit Lempuyang Temple. You can hire a taxi or a transport service to ease your trip in getting Lempuyang Temple.

Lempuyang Temple is located in Abang District, Karangasem Regency (East Bali). It is approximately 75 kilometers northeast from Capella (Ubud).

Lempuyang Gate with Mount Agung Backdrop

The trip generally takes 2 hours 30 minutes by a car.

When entering Lempuyang Temple, you are expected to wear a proper dress with sarong (traditional fabric) and a shawl, and also always obey all etiquettes.

A Visitor Poses at Split Gate ofLempuyang Temple

The sarong and shawl can be rented at entrance if you don’t bring.

Lempuyang Temple in East Bali

Especially for the women, you aren’t allowed to enter the temple area during the period of menstruation because it may make the temple lose the sanctity.