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Why Shouldn't We Enter into Lempuyang Temple during Menstruation?

Not only an Instagramable photography spot, Lempuyang Temple is also well-known as a holy place by Hindus peoples particularly in Bali Island.

Hence, existence of the temple is really respected by all people in the island.

Translate Ke Bahasa Indonesia: Ini Alasan Mengapa Wanita Menstruasi Dilarang Masuk Ke Pura Lempuyang

The Visitor at Lempuyang Temple

When entering into the temple, every visitor is required to obey some prohibitions based on belief of the local people to keep the sanctity of the temple.

One example of the prohibitions is by forbidding the women in menstruation or period to enter into Lempuyang and others temples around

Prohibition When Entering the Temple during Menstruation

A Woman With Her Child

The one prohibition doesn’t only apply for tourist but also local women.

Some visitors particularly the foreigners feel disappointed and even consider the probihition as discrimination for the women.

Perhaps you also think as like that, let’s find out the detail explanation about it as follows.

What is the Reason of the prohibition?

Purification Ritual by Holy Water

Base on the Hinduisme, all of the temples are considered a holiest place to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (The God).

The blood of menstruation is considered as “dirty” and may make the temple lose the sanctity.

Besides that, the woman during menstruation is also considered “a person who is experiencing a Cuntaka”

What is The Cuntaka?

Cuntaka Period by the Hindusme

Cuntaka or Sebel is an impure period both physically and spiritually caused by self so that make a person is not allowed to enter into the temple area.

There are some causes why a human may become Cuntaka, such as:

  1. Death of one family member (end after 12 days).
  2. A woman who menstruating (end after the period).
  3. A woman who has just given birth (end after 42 days).

Above is only some of the causes, there are still some others.

The period of Cuntaka doesn't last forever, and has a certain time depends on the causes. And some of them may be relieved by a spark of Tirta (the holy water).

So, Cuntaka Period is not only experienced by woman but also the man due to dirty deeds and unexpected events.