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Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut – What Is The Meaning Of These Balinese Names?

Balinese peoples generally give their children with unique first name of Wayan, Made, Nyoman, or Ketut. Have you ever wondered what the Balinese first names mean? Let’s find out it all meaning below.

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  1. Wayan or Putu

    Balinese People Names

Names of “Wayan or Putu” are usually given to the first child or the oldest. In Balinese language, Wayan comes from word “Wayahan” that means “the oldest’’ and “Putu’ that means “grandchild”.

  1. Made, Nengah, or Kadek

    Balinese People in A Temple

Names of “Made, Nengah, or Kadek” are usually given to the second child. In Balinese Language, the words of “Made” comes from word of “Madya” that means “Middle”, “Nengah” comes from word “tengah” also means “Middle”, and “Kadek” comes from word of “adi” that means “little brother or sister”.

  1. Nyoman or Komang

    Balinese Woman Bring Traditional Offerings

Names of “Nyoman or Komang” are given to the third child, which comes from word of “Anom” that means “the youngest”. Some say that “Nyoman or Komang” etymologically comes from word “Uman” that means “the latter”

  1. Ketut

    Balinese Woman With Traditional Clothes

Name of “Ketut” is given to the fourth child that comes from word of ”ketuwut or nge-tuut” that means “following”. Some people also relates Ketut to the ancient word of “kutu” that means a small banana at the outermost comb.

For the fifth child, the sixth, and so on will repeat to the four name aboves”. Meanwhile, Balinese peoples also give initial “I and Ni” at the very beginning of the name. “I” indicates the individual as male and “Ni” as female.