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The Uniqueness of Lempuyang Luhur Temple in Bali

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Bali – as you have visited Bali Island surely ever hear the name of this temple. It’s an older temple which has its own uniqueness and well-known for its great gate (called Candi Bentar by Local).

Most of visitors who come in Lempuyang Temple, just have an intention to see its gate. No wonder, the people know the Lempuyang Temple from its majestic split-gate.

In Lempuyang Temple, there are three gate which stand to be entrance into main temple. This gate was established by Balinese Traditional Architecture and has a height approximately 4 meters. Each the gate has stairs and be complete with dragon statue on the side.

For reaching that part. You must have a long trip from the parking area and face with 1.700 stairs. It indeed sounds very tiring enough for those who don’t like to take a long trip.

Nevertheless, that trip is actually fun caused various kind of nature beauty will accompany the trip. Starting from shady green plants that spoil your eyes, cool atmosphere that give a mind-calming effect, and even also the melodious chirping of the birds which will be ready to offers the convenience in your ears.

Not only that, you can also witness a wonderful Lempuyang Temple Sunrise or sunset from the peak of the temple. Surely you should visit in the morning (before sunrise) and the afternoon.  

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