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Get a Sunrise Blessing in Lempuyang Temple

In case you think that wonderful sunrise of Bali Island just exist on Sanur beach. It’s indeed true but there is still also the spot to catch the sunrise beside Sanur Beach. That spot is called Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Spot.

This sunrise spot is located on the highland of Bali eastern exactly at Abang District, Karangasem Regency. If you are staying in Denpasar City, it will take time about 2,5 hours to there.

The right time to visit this temple is in the morning before the sunshine appears (approximately at 4 O’clock). Definitely, cool atmosphere and fresh air can be found during the trip. So, should wear a jacket so as not to get cold.  

Besides that, arrive on the peak of the temple. Prepare an energy enough before. Because you are required to climb up about 1.700 stairs. Along the hike you will see assorted of nature scene.

At the very top, three majestic split-gate will take your sight. Every this gates has each stairs which be flanked by the statue of dragon figures with Balinese Traditional Architecture. You can climb up the stairs which is provided especially.

After on the top, you can witness a Sunrise Blessing though that gate. Don’t forget to also take the images in that spot. When the sunrise is looked in behind the gate, it’s rare moment which must be captured immediately. The view of Agung Mount also will appear in the behind of the gate. The sunrise in Lempuyang Temple is really amazing and Different.

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